2016-06-20 14:13:51

Megaverde review on 10Best Local Expert by Paul Bernhardt

Taking full advantage of Lisbon's broad River Tagus and proximity to the sea, Megaverde specialises in thrill-a-minute nautical activities. For an ocean-going adrenaline rush, you can take to the water in a speedboat, boosted by twin 300 horsepower engines. Excursion options include the popular Lisbon-Cascais run, the culturally themed Alhandra Tour and the romantic Sunset Experience. The company arranges trips to little known Mouse Island, a small islet on the opposite side of the river. A favourite with nature lovers is the Birdwatching trip where passengers are taken along the north shore of the Tagus towards the cluster of islands anchored in the estuary. Besides birdlife, the variety of rich fauna includes wild horses. Most of the programmes offer an optional stopover lunch. (+351 961 926 389, +351 919 855 646). VISITAR LINK

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